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Hi, glad you made it to my website. The start of your journey of personal development. Check out my introduction video to learn more about me and what you can find in this place. You can ask me anything! Enjoy your road to a leadership lifestyle.

Did you know that our lifestyle choices determine 40% of our overall wellbeing?

Pretty impactful I would say. Built For Endurance offers corporate workshops and programs, expeditions to uncover your untapped potential, coaching and so much more…all to become the best version of yourself, in life AND business

3 steps to lead in life & Business


Get clearly on your Why and intrinsic motivations


Gently Stretch yourself towards any ambitious goal in line with your purpose.


Make Conscious Lifestyle choices based on Bio Feedback Measurements

"Elemental Leadership is not a leadership style,
It's a Leadership Lifestyle"
Ready to take control over your life?

These are the 3 building blocks of everything I do.

Powerful. Sustainable. Measurable.
Building you to last a lifetime
Intermittent Living

Intermittent Living is the concept that we grow through positive stress. Out of the comfort zone, into the learning zone.

Behavioural Change

I apply the power of habits in everything I do. Since small steps on daily bases create lasting impact.

Bio Feedback

The body is our greatest source of data. Technology and data supports us on the road to our best Self.

Profound impact on personal level

Lifestyle and business coaching to upgrade you on all levels
Clear Vision & Values
Peak Performance
Better Recovery
Health & Resilliance

Join me on one of my lifestyle expeditions

Still doubting where to start?

Order a personalised lifestyle assessment (or DNA analysis)
Lifestyle Assessment

Get insights in your energy, sleep, usage and recovery.

DNA Analysis

Get insights in your unique food and movement blueprints.

Overview of my latest posts

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