Energizing Leaders to Achieve Personal and Professional Growth.

The reality we live in today

Our world in work and life has become more complex and unpredictable than ever. Navigating in these turbulent times requires leaders which are physically ready to perform, mentally resilient, emotionally balanced and spiritually aligned. With thriving leaders towards thriving organisations.

What we do

We teach executive leaders science based lifestyle solutions to enhance their overall health and maintain performance in a sustainable way. We take them from exhausted to energized, overwhelmed to in control, fragile to resilient, frozen to adaptable, fixed mindset to mentally agile, being busy to creating value … to improve their impact on the world.

How we do it

Our approach uses the latest neuroscientific insights to reach everlasting behavioral changes. Our winning combination consists of:

1. Biometrical Assessments - to get detailed and personalized information
2. Immersive (nature) Experiences - connecting mind and body to restore balance
3. Combined Lifestyle Interventions - how can you take ownership over your performance, recovery and health on a daily basis

Biometrical Data

Every person is unique. That’s why we use biometrical data to get real body feedback. In this way every leader receives personalized advice, based on their own work and life situation.

Behavioural Change

95% of human behavior is unconscious and automatic. We both work on conscious and unconscious behavioral patterns to create lasting impact on your health and being.


Nature Experiences

“Feeling is understanding”. Our intense nature experiences in combination with science based teachings will help each individual to become resilient and ready to perform at each critical event.

Benefits for each leader

+ Energy Expansion

You learn when to speed up and when to recover - both day and night - in order to work smarter and with more energy than ever before

+ Better Decision Making

We prepare body and mind and bring it in a state from where it is easier to take decisions

+ Mental Flexibility

Learn how to sculpt your mind on a daily bases and improve your brain’s performance, even under stressful situations

+ Peak Performance

Tap into flow states to maximize your productivity and increase your impact at work during key strategic events

+ Improved health

Get personalized feedback on how to optimize your health and lifestyle. Enhance your resilience and stand strong in times of change

+ Increased Self Awareness

We provide you insights in your purpose so you can lead from the soul and from a higher state of consciousness

Leadership Lifestyle Boosters

Our lifestyle boosters are one -or multi-day offsites in which we dive deep in the human physiology and the basics for optimal and sustainable performance. We combine the latest science based practices from nutrition, movement, sleep and stress with intense experiences in nature.

High Performance Programs

What is needed to become more adaptable and resilient as an individual and a team. Using biometrical assessments, deep learning sessions and nature linked experiences, we craft the optimal journey towards sustainable individual and/or team performance.

Organisational Performance Solutions

Based on anonymous biometrical data and through workshops, we transfer knowledge about topics such as movement, nutrition, sleep and stress management to improve organizational performance in a sustainable way.

Book our leader’s retreat center in nature

In spring 2022, Built For Endurance will open the first biohacking center for individuals in Belgium. A place to connect with all your senses, reframe your impact on the world and optimize your health & performance.

Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 7AM - 7PM
Weekend: 10AM - 5PM