Elemental Leadership

Elemental Leadership is a leadership lifestyle, focused on increasing a person's consciousness and well-being, in order to excel in life and business.

Why an elemental leadership?

Understanding your purpose and values to be able to make better decisions and create better results.
Being physically and mentally in balance to improve productivity and focus. Increase resilience and reduce stress
Becoming more compassionate and authentic. Live from the heart and become a better leader for others

The Principles

Intermittent Living

Intermittent living (IL) is a lifestyle method based on many years of research by Dr. Leo Pluimboom. The concept of IL is based on the ancient priciples of our ancestors. By integrating small stress dosises throughout the day via breathing, cold showers, sauna, HIIT,…we train our body's to become healthier and stronger.

Behavioural Change

There is no sustainable change possible without working on our habits and deep rooted patterns. I use proven habit changing methods to incorporate in your day. Step by step, day by day, incremental changes…to become your best version.

Bio Feedbacks

I love nature and old wisdom, but it get's even more interesting when we use the data of our body to get immediate feedback on our lifestyle changes and see whether it works or not. HRV, mental stress, brain waves, breathing capacity,…the possibilities are endless.

The Principles


Meditation Flow science


Hypoxia Hypercapnia Breathwork


Cold therapy Water fasting


Barefoot connection




Intermittent fasting Circadian rhytm

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