Business Lifestyle Coaching

"A 4 month intense program to improve your lifestyle and take the lead in life."

How it works?

Step 1

Let's have a call to see if there is match and align our intentions

Step 2

Each program is started with a 3 day lifestyle assessment, to check your baseline

Step 3

We start our 4 month program in which we meet on a weekly bases, virtually and physically

Program Summary

The leadership lifestyle program is a tailor made intense collab to improve your overall wellbeing and personal leadership. Go into peak performance and flow more frequently, reduce stress and improve recovery.

Month 1: Deconstruction

Month 2: Crystallize

Month 3: Integrate

Month 4: Embody

This program will help you to:

Have a
clearer vision
Be more perfectionist & Success Resistant
Be more Resilient and

What others have to say about the person

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